Submit Site Plan Review Application


If you want to build on your property, you may need to submit a site plan review application.

Step 1: Submit your site plan review application

Once you know the submittal requirements, you are ready to download, complete and submit your application.

Download application form

Make sure you follow the file naming standards for land use applications when preparing your files for review. You can submit site plan review documents for electronic review through the Permit Application Center.

Step 2: Upload plans and documents

  1. Login to the Permit Application Center. Documents will not be accepted by email.

  2. You will see a dashboard with boxes showing your active permits divided by type, e.g., development/building permits, land use actions, licenses, parking permits, etc.

  3. Click the desired permit number in the Land Use box.

  4. Click the [Add/Upload] button in the Attachments section.

  5. Upload files by clicking the [Choose Files] button or by dragging and dropping files into the dashed area,

  6. When you are done selecting files, click the [Upload] button. 

  7. After the upload finishes, a message appears showing the result of your upload.

  8. Click the [OK] button to return to permit details page.

  9. You should receive a confirmation email message within 30 minutes.

Step 3: Pay online

  1. Login to the Permit Application Center.

  2. If you are renewing a permit or license, click the Renew link. You need to complete the renewal process before you can pay the renewal fee. 

  3. If you are paying an existing permit, click the Make Payment link. 

  4. Click the box in the Check column to the left of the item(s) you want to pay.

  5. Click the [Make Payment] button.

  6. You will be transferred to the bank’s payment page to complete your payment.

  7. As a convenience, the bank’s payment page is filled-in with your name and address information as it appears in our permitting system. If you choose to pay with a credit card, you must ensure that the name and address on the screen matches your credit card billing name and address. You can type any necessary changes on the bank’s payment page.

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