Salem Area Comprehensive Plan

​The Salem Area Comprehensive Plan is the long-range plan for guiding development in the Salem urban area. The goal of the plan is to ensure orderly and efficient development to the meet the community's future needs.

The Salem Area Comprehensive Plan includes a variety of documents and maps (SRC Chapter 64). Support documents are a plan or other document that is prepared as a policy guide but are not part of the Comprehensive Plan, and they are not land use regulations. Please note that not all portions of the following documents have been adopted as a component of the Salem Area Comprehensive Plan.

To see a draft of the updated Comprehensive Plan, visit the Our Salem project page.

The Salem Area Comprehensive Plan is a long-range plan for guiding development in the Salem urban area and its relationship with Salem/Keizer urban area.

Salem Area Comprehensive Policies Plan2/14/2017

A neighborhood plan is a written plan providing detailed goals and policies for the neighborhood in a manner consistent with the Salem Area Comprehensive Plan. The City will consider the neighborhood plan when making decisions which would affect the neighborhood.

CANDO Neighborhood Plan2/14/2017
ELNA Neighborhood Plan2/14/2017
Grant Neighborhood Plan2/14/2017
Highland Neighborhood Plan2/14/2017
Liberty-Boone Neighborhood Plan2/14/2017
Morningside Neighborhood Plan2/14/2017
NEN-SESNA Neighborhood Plan2/14/2017
NESCA-Lansing Neighborhood Plan1/10/2018
Sunnyslope Neighborhood Plan2/14/2017
West Salem Neighborhood Plan2/14/2017

​The Comprehensive Parks System Master Plan (CPSMP) is a long-range planning document that identifies goals, policies, recommendations, and an implementation tasks to guide park acquisition and development in the City of Salem through the year 2035.

Salem Comprehensive Parks System Master Plan2/14/2017

The ​Public Facilities Plan describes the water, sewer, and storm water facilities needed to support the land uses designated in the Comprehensive Plan Map and lying within the Urban Growth Boundary.

Salem Stormwater Master Plan Final-October 20209/9/2020
Salem Wastewater Management Plan2/14/2017
Salem Water System Master Plan2/14/2017

​The Salem Transportation System Plan (TSP) is the City's master plan to guide its actions and investments for the 21st century. The Plan is a comprehensive document containing goals, objectives, policies, projects, and programs needed to provide mobility for the next 25 years. The Salem Transportation System Plan creates mobility options for all modes of travel: automobile, transit, bicycle, pedestrian, and freight movement.

Full Transportation System Plan2/19/2020

Maps are graphic representations of the goals and policies expressed in the Salem Area Comprehensive Plan text.

Salem Comprehensive Plan Mapsalem-comprehensive-plan-map.pdf
Salem Urban Growth Boundary Mapsalem-urban-growth-boundary-map.pdf
Salem Urban Service Area Mapsalem-urban-service-area-map.pdf

​The Willamette Greenway Plan establishes the standards and requirements for the use of lands within the Willamette River Greenway of Salem. The plan's purpose is to protect and enhance the natural, scenic, recreational, historical, and economic resources of the Willametter River corridor. [SRC Chapter 600]

Salem Willamette River Greenway Plan2/14/2017

Support documents are a plan or other document that is prepared as a policy guide but are not part of the Comprehensive Plan and are not land use regulations. The following is a list of the support documents of the Salem Area Comprehensive Plan:

ECONorthwest economic opportunities analysis 2015-20352/1/2022
McNary Field Airport Master Plan2/14/2017
Salem Historic Preservation Plan Update 2020-203010/1/2020

Map of Salem Area Comprehensive Plan