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In addition to a control tower, Salem Municipal Airport has a general aviation center which includes a terminal and limited flight training.

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​The Salem Municipal Airport is located two miles from downtown Salem, Oregon’s Capitol city with direct access to Interstate 5. Also known as McNary Field, the airport is named for U.S. Senator Charles McNary. The airport is home to an Army National Guard base with over 70 acres of industrial land available nearby.

Airfield Information for Pilots

SLE - McNary Field, Salem, Oregon
Owned and operated by the City of Salem, Airport Division
Office: 2990 25th Street SE, Salem, Oregon 97302
Tel. 503-588-6314 | Fax. 503-315-2550

Business Office Hours: M-F 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (Closed most major holidays)

Airfield hours: 24 Hours, 7 Days per week

Tower Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m., 7 Days per week


Lat. 44° 54' 35" N
Long. 123° 00' 05" W
Elevation 210'
2 miles SE of Downtown

Runway Information

Runway 13/31:     5,811' x 150' Asphalt, grooved, in excellent condition
                                      Single Wheel:       105,000 lbs.
                                      Double Wheel:   147,000 lbs.
                                      Double Tandem: 185,000 lbs.
                                      PCN: 41/F/C/X/T

Runway 16/34:     5,145' x 100' Asphalt, grooved, in good condition
                                     Single Wheel:       39,000 lbs.
                                     Double Wheel:   52,000 lbs.
                                     PCN: 15/F/D/X/T

Runway Lighting

Runway 13/31:    HIRL, MALS-R, VASI - RWY 13
                                    ODALS, REILS - RWY 13
                                   Threshold Lights - Both

Runway 16/34:  MIRL, PAPI, Threshold Lights

Airport Communications

Salem Ground: 121.9 (0700-2100L)
Salem Tower:    119.1 (0700-2100L)
                                 257.2 (0700-2100L)
CTAF: 119.1 – use when tower is closed (2100 – 0700L)
UNICOM: 122.95
ATIS: 124.55 (0700-2100)
WX ASOS: 503-371-1062
Emergency: 121.5     243.0
NG-OPNS 241.6   40.90 FM
APCH/DEP Service provided by Seattle ARTCC 125.8/291.7 (Horton RCAG)

ARFF Index Rating: A (Index B available by PPR)

Traffic Pattern Altitudes

Enter traffic patterns at or above prescribed altitudes:

Helicopter:                          700' MSL

Light Aircraft:                     1,200' MSL

Turbine/Large Aircraft:  1,700' MSL

Weather Information Links

Current weather forecast for Salem  

Past Weather for Salem                           

Aviation Weather Center                         

Fixed Base Operators

Salem Aviation Fueling:
Contact:               503-364-4158 or 800-369-8698  
Fuel Available: Jet A, 100LL
Overnight parking and tie-down available
High Bulk Oxygen Available
Salem Air Center:           
Contact:               503-364-0111    
Powerplant service
Airframe Service
Major Interiors

Aircraft charter, sales and rental


  • Light (<6,000 lbs.) aircraft
    • $35(monthly)
    • $5(transient/daily)
  • Medium (>6,000 lbs. <12,500 lbs.) aircraft
    • $60 (monthly)
    • $8 (transient/daily)
  • Heavy (>12,500 lbs.) aircraft
    • $80 (monthly)
    • $10 (transient/daily)


​​The Salem Airport operates under Federal Aviation Regulation Part 139, Salem Revised Code (SRC) Chapter 9, Appendix 1 and Airport Rules and Regulations.

SRC Chapter 9​ provides minimum standards f​​or the Airport and the attached appendix lists the requirements for insurance coverage.

SRC Chapter 602 - Airport Overlay Zone provides building height information for areas surrounding the Airport along with hazardous use restrictions.

SRC Chapter 629​ - McNary Field Overlay Zone provides additional permitted uses in the Public Service zones on McNary Field.​​​​​​​​​​

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