Pay Plans and Labor Contracts


​The City of Salem offers a variety of positions which serve the citizens of our community through public safety, strong neighborhoods, vital infrastructure, and face-to-face contact with our community.

Pay plans

AFSCME - Pay Plan
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
NOTE:  Hourly and salary job classes have been separated.  Please scroll to 4th page for the salary job classes.
7/1/20216/30/2022540 KBafscme-pay-plans.pdf
IAFF - Pay Plan
International Association of Fire Fighters
1/1/20226/30/2022421 KBiaff-pay-plans.pdf
PCEA - Pay Plan
911 Professional Communications Employees' Association
7/1/20216/30/2022178 KBpcea-pay-plan.pdf
SCABU - Pay Plan
Salem City Attorney's Collective Bargaining Unit
7/1/20206/30/202370 KBscabu-pay-plan.pdf
SHA - Pay Plan
Salem Housing Authority
10/1/20219/30/2022393 KBsha-pay-plans.pdf
SPEU - Pay Plan
Salem Police Employees' Union
1/1/20226/30/2022185 KBspeu-pay-plan.pdf
Unrepresented - 11 Step Pay Plan
Unrepresented - 11 Step Pay Plan
7/1/20216/30/20221165 KBunrepresented-pay-plan-11-step-pay-plan.pdf
Unrepresented PTE Seasonal Pay Plan
Unrepresented PTE Seasonal Pay Plan
7/1/20216/30/2022355 KBunrepresented-pte-seasonal-pay-plan.pdf

Labor contracts

The City of Salem has five collective bargaining units that are represented under labor contracts listed below. If you are unsure which union represents you, please contact us.

AFSCME7/1/20216/30/20241768 KBlabor-contract-afscme.pdf
IAFF7/1/20196/30/20226065 KBlabor-contract-iaff.pdf
IAFF MOA Contract Extension FY22-237/1/20226/30/2023734 KBlabor-contract-iaff-extension-moa.pdf
PCEA7/1/20196/30/2022676 KBpcea-labor-contract.pdf
PCEA MOA Contract Extension FY22-237/1/20226/30/2023473 KBlabor-contract-pcea-extension-moa.pdf
SCABU7/1/20206/30/2023528 KBlabor-contract-scabu.pdf
SPEU7/1/20206/30/20243118 KBlabor-contract-speu.pdf


The Human Resources Rules set forth the personnel rules which are anticipated in SRC 2.425. The rules provide the practices and procedures followed by Salem in the administration of its human resources program.

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Job classifications

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