Salem Parks and Recreation Advisory Board


The Salem Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (SPRAB) is an advisory board to the Salem City Council.

The board recommends to and advises City Council on park land and recreational facilities:

  • Acquisition
  • Development
  • Maintenance

The board also issues decisions on appeals to tree removal permits for city-owned trees, and makes recommendations on nominations for Heritage Tree designations under Salem Revised Code SRC 86 Trees on City Owned Property.

Board Mission

The Salem Parks and Recreation Advisory Board is a strong advocate for the acquisition, planning, development, preservation, protection, and enhancement of Salem’s parks, including their natural resources, trees, and recreational opportunities for current and future generations by receiving input from the community and providing advice to City Council.

Board Vision

Our vision is for our community to have ample and robust parks that contribute to urban tree canopy, open spaces, and recreation opportunities for all people to gather, celebrate, contemplate, and engage in activities that promote health, well-being, community, and the environment.

Special membership requirements:

  • One member​—a representative of the Salem/Keizer School District

  • Eight members​—chosen from among persons concerned with and interested in the development of public parks and playgrounds and like public places in the city and are a resident or have a place of business in the City of Salem

Authority: SRC Chapter 13

Number of members: 9

Type of appointment: City Council appointment

Length of term: 3 years

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Term Expires
Alan Alexander01/13/20201st12/31/2022
Alan Holland12/13/20211st12/31/2024
David FridenmakerSchool District RepNo
Debbie L Miller06/13/2022Partial12/31/2022
Dylan Mcdowell01/14/20192nd12/31/2024
Joan F Lloyd12/13/20211st12/31/2024
Keith Norris06/22/20201st12/31/2022
Rick J Hartwig03/22/20211st12/31/2023

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