Noise Abatement at the Salem Municipal Airport


The Salem Municipal Airport (McNary Field) is dedicated to being good neighbors. The areas surrounding the airport are noise sensitive and we want to help minimize the noise impacts on the community.

Traffic pattern altitudes

Enter traffic pattern at or above prescribed altitude:

  • Helicopter: 700 MSL
  • Light Aircraft: 1200 MSL
  • Turbine/Large Aircraft: 1700 MSL

McNary Field encourages pilots to participate in the following ways to minimize the noise:

Pilot​ tips

  • Enter traffic pattern at prescribed altitude or above
  • Avoid low overflight of residential areas when practical and safe
  • Avoid low dragging in approaches with high power/prop settings
  • Conduct all instrument approaches according to standard FAA published approach procedures

For departures, go-arounds, missed approaches, and pattern work;

  • Climb runway heading to within 300’ of traffic pattern altitude before making initial turn
  • Maintain 1200’ MSL (pattern altitude) or higher until leaving the airport traffic pattern
  • All aircraft remaining in the pattern comply with the above, climb to pattern altitude, and follow the prescribed traffic pattern
  • After take off, reduce to climb power when practical and safe
  • Fly published traffic pattern altitudes as close to runways as practical and safe
  • Avoid repetitive late night pattern work

Pilot caution: Rising terrain south and west of Airport.

It is understood that ATC instructions, weather, and safety considerations may, at times, require deviations from suggested procedures.

Noise concerns

Email us with questions or concerns about noise.


Information for noise abatement procedures if you are interested in learning more.

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