Move Your Property Lines (Property Line Adjustment)


If you want to change or remove all or a portion of a property line between two neighboring pieces of land, you will need to apply for a property line adjustment. Property line adjustments cannot be used to create an additional unit of land or to create units of land that do not meet zoning requirements.

To get an adjustment you must:

  • Get approval of a property line adjustment tentative plan from the City’s Planning Division

  • Get the final property line adjustment deeds and Record of Survey from the City’s Public Works Development Services Division.

  • Record final deeds and the Record of Survey with the appropriate County office.

If you own neighboring pieces of land and want to build a structure over the property line, you can apply for a property boundary verification permit.

Step 1: Tentative plan review

The tentative plan review is a Type I land use decision under the Salem Revised Code (SRC) Chapter 300.


  • Application. You must submit all required items listed in the application checklist section below to the Permit Application Center.

  • Completeness review. Staff reviews application for completeness. If the application is not complete, you will be notified as to what information is missing and will have 180 days to submit the additional information. You may track the status of your application online at the City of Salem permit tracking webpage.

  • Conformance review. Once a complete application is submitted, staff reviews the applicant’s proposed plan for conformance with the applicable criteria for a property line adjustment under SRC 205.055(d). If staff cannot approve the application, you will be contacted with the reasons the plan does not comply.

  • Decision. The Planning Administrator issues a decision to approve or deny the application based upon whether the proposal meets the applicable criteria. If the property line adjustment is approved, you must get a final plat recorded.

Application checklist

You need to apply in person at the Permit Application Center, bringing the following:

  • Completed land use application form. The application form must be signed by the applicant(s), property owner(s), and/or duly authorized representative(s). If the applicant and/or property owner is a Limited Liability Company (LLC), please also provide a list of all members of the LLC with your land use application.

  • Application fee. You must pay the application fee when you file your application.

  • Recorded deeds. You must submit a copy of the recorded deeds for the existing units of land.

  • Site plan. The site plan must include the following:

    • The dimensions and areas of the units of land before and after the proposed property line adjustment

    • Setbacks, building separations, lot coverage, vehicular access, and public and private utilities

  • Proposed property line adjustment deed. You must submit a copy of the proposed property line adjustment deed containing:

    • The names of the owners

    • Legal description of the adjusted lines

    • References to original recorded deeds

    • Place for the signatures of all parties, along with proper acknowledgment

  • Proof of ownership such as a preliminary title report.

  • Any additional documents showing that the unit(s) of land were legally created.

Step 2: Final property line adjustment approval

After the Planning Administrator approves a property line adjustment, final field surveys and legal descriptions for the property line adjustment must be reviewed by City staff before recording with the appropriate county.


Application. You must submit all required items listed in the application checklist section below to the Permit Application Center.

Staff review. Staff will review the property line adjustment deeds and Record of Survey and provide corrections or approval within 30 days.

Surveyor notification. After final review and approval is complete, the City Surveyor will notify the appropriate county of review approval. Your private surveyor will then record the field survey, or Record of Survey, and property line adjustment deeds.

Application checklist

Refer to Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 92.060 and Salem Revised Code (SRC) 205.055(c) for instructions on how to prepare the field survey and legal descriptions. Then, submit the following to Development Services staff at the Permit Application Center:

  1. Lot line adjustment review fee. To find out the fee amount, contact Development Services staff, or check the current fee schedule.

  2. A copy of the vesting deeds and proof of ownership which includes, but may not be limited to, a Preliminary Title Report not older than 15 days for each of the affected properties as per SRC 205.055(c)(1)for verification of ownership associated with SRC 205.055(c)(3)(A).

  3. One paper copy and one electronic copy (PDF) of the proposed property line adjustment deeds for each of the affected properties as per SRC 205.055(c)(3)K. Use the provided legal form. The legal descriptions for the proposed deeds must be prepared and stamped by the professional land surveyor preparing the proposed Record of Survey.

  4. One paper copy and one electronic copy (PDF) of the proposed Record of Survey map.

  5. Property line adjustment Planning Administrator decision demonstrating the subject properties are Lawfully Established Units of Land as defined in ORS 92.010(3)(a), ORS 92.010(3)(b), ORS 92.176, and SRC 205.055(a).

You must comply with all Oregon Revised Statutes and Salem Revised Code requirements.

Land surveyor at building site.

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