Council Policy

​​The Council Policy is an official position taken by a majority vote of the Salem City Council on a specific need, problem, or issue. The policy establishes guidelines or direction for the City’s actions and can include a general plan or approach for a specific need, problem, or issue.

A-1 Council goals and objectives
A-2 Position on bond measures (CCRLS General Obligation bond)
A-3 Council position on initiative petitions
A-4 Position on transit district tax base measure
A-5 Council statement on infringement of personal rights to freedom
A-6 Procedure for reviewing performance and setting salary of City Manager
A-7 Community forums
A-8 1997 legislative policies
A-9 Role of City of Salem relating to the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS)
A-10 City Council agenda briefing for CCTV
A-11 City Council staff report options
A-12 Policy on news media attendance at executive sessions
B-1 Progressive actions toward obtainment of compliance with City licensing, nuisance abatement, sign and noise codes
B-2 Defense of City officials in proceedings not subject to the Oregon Tort Claims Act
B-3 Settlement of claims by the City
B-4 Comparable jurisdictions
B-5 Public forum policy for civic center atrium and breezeways
C-1 Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) funding policy
C-2 Debt management policy
C-3 Policies for fee waivers or funding city services to community events
C-4 Policy on the selections of the city auditor
C-5 Capitalization level for reporting general fixed assets
C-6 Reimbursable expenses for travel, training, professional development, and other city business
C-7 Investment policy and portfolio guidelines
C-8 Budget and revenue policies
C-9 Capital improvement program policy
C-10 Building and Safety fund balance-reserve policy
C-11 General Fund balance-reserve policy
C-12 Fund balance-reserve policy for Emergency Services Fund
C-13 Identity theft prevention program
C-14 Utility Fund financial policy
C-15 Policy on use of City resources for marijuana based activities
C-16 Employee Benefits Self Insurance Fund Balance
C-17 Risk Self Insurance Fund Balance
E-1 Neighborhood communications
E-2 Distribution of information to neighborhood associations
F-1 Watershed councils
G-1 Testimony before Legislature
I-1 Required location for fire hydrants
I-2 Burning privately-owned buildings by Fire Department for training purposes
I-3 Fire and emergency service planning standards
I-4 Establishing council curatorship for antique fire vehicles
I-5 Backyard burning program review and recommended changes
K-1 Sequence of condemnation
L-1 Use of branch library meeting rooms
L-2 Main Library Parkade Fees
M-1 Recreation services extended beyond city limits
M-2 Park operating hours
M-3 Park restroom policy
M-4 Development and operation of concession in city parks
M-5 Park facility use fee and charge schedule
M-6 City recreation program fee and charge policy
M-7 Naming of parks
M-8 Funding of citizen self-help projects
N-1 Convention parking
R-1 Ditch cleaning
S-1 Water services in Jan Ree
S-2 Water conservation and regionalization
S-3 Testimony on proposed rule change North Santiam River watershed
S-4 Water system development charge
T-1 Perpetual life service level for street maintenance
T-2 Minimum service level alternative for street maintenance
T-3 Traffic and streets management
T-4 Funds transfers for 1993-94 pavement restoration
T-5 Street construction deferral agreements
T-6 Basketball hoops in the right-of-way
W-1 Vacation process
X-1 Management of sewer and water system development charge (SDC) revenues and expenditures
X-2 Public Works permit fees
X-3 Transportation systems development charge and street construction financing strategy
X-4 Connection to water and or sewer service outside city limits
X-5 Consideration of fee waiver requests
Y-1 Certificate of occupancy temporary vs final approval
Y-2 Billboards in commercial zones
Y-3 Waiver of maximum height restrictions for accessory structures in Polk County

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