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​About the Clean Streams Initiative

Nearly 90 miles of streams run through the City of Salem, providing character, beauty, wildlife habitat, recreation, and more to our community. These streams are the backbone of the City's stormwater system and they require everyone's help to keep them healthy and beautiful.

The City of Salem's Clean Streams, Clear Choices initiative was developed to educate the community on impactful choices you can make to help keep pollution out of the stormwater runoff and local streams. Stormwater runoff does not go to a treatment plant, but instead goes directly into the streams. Because of this, our urban stormwater runoff carries pollutants to the stream that can affect the water quality and aquatic life within local streams. Listed below is more information about what you can do to help keep our streams clean and to reduce pollution.

Clean streams, clear choices. A city of salem initiative.

Our everyday behaviors affect streams. Our choices make a difference.

​Business resources

Is your business looking to get involved in our Cleans Streams initiative? We offer employee education through workplace presentations, a yearly Erosion Control summit, and grant funding for projects to enhance local watershed resources.

​​Capital Canine Club

Pet waste leads to E. coli in our streams. Help keep our streams clean by pledging to always pick up after your pet.

Take Action for Clean Streams

There are several steps you can take at home to reduce pollution in local streams and conserve water. Join other residents to help protect our most precious resource ​— water.

​​Stream-friendly car care

Car runoff is a huge source of pollution for local streams. Learn how you can keep oil, grease, antifreeze, and grime out of local waterways.

​​Report issues

You can help the City keep waterways clean and pollution free. Tell us if you see illegal dumping, garbage, or other harmful debris in Salem streams.

​Landscape for clean streams

Lawns and gardens can add fertilizer and pesticide pollution to local streams or they can protect waterways. Learn how you can have a healthy lawn or garden full of native plants that will attract pollinators and filter pollution.

​Youth education and school resources

Youth are the future and it's important that they learn about watersheds, activities that impact them, and how to protect them. Learn how to get your school or youth involved.

​​Watershed Protection and Preservation Grant

Do you have an idea for an innovative project that will help enhance the local watershed? The Watershed Protection & Preservation Grant is available to businesses, schools, nonprofits, government agencies, and individuals.

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