Download Building Permit Applications and Forms

For the following permit types, registered PAC Portal users can log in to the PAC Portal and submit application information, upload plans and documentation and pay for the permit in one step:

  • Electrical permits
  • Mechanical permits
  • Plumbing permits
  • Fire permits - coming spring 2022
  • Sign permits - coming summer 2022

Once you are logged in, click the Apply for Permit button and then choose the permit type for which you are applying. The application wizard will guide you through the application process.

Some specialty forms can be completed online without a login, including:

To print an application form and submit by email, download the desired application from the list below. 

Application and review fees must be paid before application processing begins.

For questions regarding building permit applications and forms please contact our Permit Application Center, Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. at 503-588-6256.

Print application forms​​

Alternate Materials, Design, Methods Request Form907 KB4/18/2019
Commercial Building Permit Application962 KB8/5/2020
Commercial Reroof Permit Application952 KB9/22/2020
Commercial Special Inspection and Testing Request Form911 KB4/18/2019
Contractor Authorization Form848 KB1/31/2022
Deferred Submittal Application931 KB7/6/2021
Electrical Master Permit Application864 KB4/5/2022
Electrical Permit Application1358 KB2/8/2022
Electrical Reconnect Permit Application852 KB2/8/2022
Electrical Renewable Energy Permit Application1018 KB2/8/2022
Expedited Plan Review Application931 KB7/6/2021
Fire Sprinkler Backflow/Double Detector Plumbing Permit Application875 KB12/20/2021
Fire System Permit Application990 KB2/22/2022
Manufactured Home Permit Application944 KB7/6/2021
Mechanical-Commercial Permit Application986 KB10/19/2021
Mechanical-Residential Permit Application1010 KB10/19/2021
Off-hours Inspections Application916 KB9/6/2019
Permit Extension Request Form817 KB1/21/2022
Phased Permitting Application954 KB1/30/2020
Plumbing Permit Application1381 KB12/20/2021
Pre-Submittal Meeting Application960 KB4/18/2019
Residential Building Permit Application1039 KB8/9/2021
Residential New Home Moisture Content Certification Form813 KB4/18/2019
Residential Water Meter Sizing Worksheet293 KB11/23/2020
Revised Plans Submittal Form817 KB8/28/2019
Sign Permit Application (Permanent)968 KB12/9/2021
Sign Permit Application (Temporary)940 KB12/9/2021
Single-Family Standard Erosion Control Plan - Flat Lot351 KB6/19/2019
Single-Family Standard Erosion Control Plan - Sloped Lot349 KB6/19/2019
Single-Family Standard Erosion Control Plan - Waterway349 KB6/19/2019
State Building Code Modification Request Form906 KB4/18/2019
Structural Demolition Permit Application947 KB7/6/2021
Temporary Occupancy Application938 KB4/28/2021
Tent or Canopy Permit Application913 KB12/3/2020


Commercial Building Permit Application Guide4331 KB10/14/2019
Commercial Building Plans and Documentation Checklist79 KB7/1/2019
Fire Plans and Documentation Checklist33 KB7/1/2019
Manufactured Home Plans and Documentation Checklist75 KB7/1/2019
Mechanical-Commercial Plans and Documentation Checklist72 KB7/1/2019
Quality Assurance Plan Review Checklist-Commercial205 KB10/10/2019
Quality Assurance Plan Review Checklist-Residential172 KB10/10/2019
Radon Mitigation Plan Review Checklist738 KB9/20/2018
Residential Building Plans and Documentation Checklist99 KB10/7/2021
Sign Permit Plans and Documentation Checklist34 KB7/1/2019
Temporary Sign Rules and Installation Checklist60 KB7/27/2021

Tips for fillable PDF files

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