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To use this directory, click the (+) sign next to the letter to expand an alphabetical listing of City links.  Click the link of the topic, service, department, or division on the alphabet bar or scroll to browse the entire list.
 Accidental Spill Prevention PlanPublic WorksA
 Action Plan - Downtown StrategicUrban DevelopmentA
 Action Plan - Portland Road CorridorUrban DevelopmentA
 Action Plan - West Salem Business DistrictUrban DevelopmentA
 ADA Accommodation RequestHuman ResourcesA
 ADA Parking ProgramUrban DevelopmentA
 Adopt-A-StreetPublic WorksA
 AirportUrban DevelopmentA
 Airport - Available PropertyUrban DevelopmentA
 Airport - HistoryUrban DevelopmentA
 Airport - Noise AbatementUrban DevelopmentA
 Airport - Passenger Services (No commercial flights)Urban DevelopmentA
 Airport - Pilot InformationUrban DevelopmentA
 Airport Advisory CommissionCity Managers OfficeA
 Airport Advisory CommissionUrban DevelopmentA
 Ambulance Transport ServicesFireA
 AnnexationsCommunity DevelopmentA
 Approved projects status reportPublic WorksA
 Aquifer Storage and Recovery SystemPublic WorksA
 Automated External Defibrillator (AED) RegistrationFireA
 Automatic Bill Payment - UtilitiesPublic WorksA
 AwardsCity Managers OfficeA
 Basketball Hoop PolicyPublic WorksB
 Best Management Practices - Wastewater DischargePublic WorksB
 Biannual Compliance Report - Wastewater DischargePublic WorksB
 Bicycle HelmetsFireB
 Bicycle LockersPublic WorksB
 Bicycle MapsPublic WorksB
 Bicycle Registration ProgramPoliceB
 Bicycle Safety GuidePublic WorksB
 Bid TabulationAdministrative ServicesB
 Bidding OpportunitiesAdministrative ServicesB
 Billing Notice - TV Reinspection ServicePublic WorksB
 Bioswale - 12th StreetPublic WorksB
 Bioswale - Kroger ParkPublic WorksB
 Board of EthicsCity Managers OfficeB
 Boards and CommissionsCity Managers OfficeB
 Boise Project - Urban Land Institute Study and visitUrban DevelopmentB
 Budgets - Adopted BudgetCity Managers OfficeB
 Building & Safety - License Search (SPLASH)Building & SafetyB
 Building & Safety - Permit Search (SPLASH)Building & SafetyB
 Building Rehabilitaiton/Restoration - Toolbox Program - DowntownUrban DevelopmentB
 Building Rehabilitation/Restoration - Toolbox Program - North Gateway URAUrban DevelopmentB
 Building Rehabilitation/Restoration – Toolbox Program – West Salem URAUrban DevelopmentB
 Burning RegulationsFireB
 Business in SalemUrban DevelopmentB
 Candle SafetyFireC
 Cannery ParkPublic WorksC
 Cape Seal Pavement ResurfacingPublic WorksC
 Capital FireMed Ambulance MembershipFireC
 Capital Improvement Projects - Public Works EngineeringPublic WorksC
 Capital Improvements ProgramAdministrative ServicesC
 Capitol Mall ParklngUrban DevelopmentC
 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning PreventionFireC
 Career OpportunitiesHuman ResourcesC
 Career Opportunities - Salem Police DepartmentPoliceC
 Carpet Cleaners Discharge ApplicationPublic WorksC
 Carpool PermitsUrban DevelopmentC
 CAT ProgramPoliceC
 CDBG Funding ApplicationUrban DevelopmentC
 Center 50+ - Salem Senior CenterParksC
 Central Salem Mobility StudyPublic WorksC
 Chief of PolicePoliceC
 Children's Events at Salem Public LibraryLibraryC
 Chip Seal Pavement ResurfacingPublic WorksC
 Citizen Advisory Traffic CommissionCity Managers OfficeC
 Citizen Budget CommitteeCity Managers OfficeC
 Citizen Claim Form (Incident Report)Human ResourcesC
 Citizen Complaint Form - PolicePoliceC
 Citizen Involvement Study (CCI)Community DevelopmentC
 Citizen Police AcademyPoliceC
 Citizen Reporting FormPoliceC
 City CharterLegalC
 City Council AgendasCity Managers OfficeC
 City Council Agendas (pre-June 2016)City Managers OfficeC
 City CouncilorsCity Managers OfficeC
 City GovernmentCity Managers OfficeC
 City Manager's OfficeCity Managers OfficeC
 City RecorderLegalC
 Civil Service CommissionCity Managers OfficeC
 Class Specifications for EmployeesHuman ResourcesC
 Clean-up ideas for volunteer projectsCommunity DevelopmentC
 Closure Permit: Alley-Street-Lane-SidewalkPublic WorksC
 Code Compliance ServicesCommunity DevelopmentC
 Collection System Improvements - Public Works EngineeringPublic WorksC
 Commercial or Multi-Family Residential DevelopmentPublic WorksC
 Committee - Salem Housing Advisory CommitteeUrban DevelopmentC
 Common Riparian PlantsPublic WorksC
 Community Connection NewsletterCity Managers OfficeC
 Community Development Block Grants and HOME programsUrban DevelopmentC
 Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)FireC
 Community Event Permit FormRecreationC
 Community Event SchedulingRecreationC
 Community Event/Riverfront Park Request FormRecreationC
 Community Resources - Domestic ViolencePoliceC
 Community Services and Housing CommissionUrban DevelopmentC
 Concerts at Salem Public LibraryLibraryC
 Concessionaire Request FormRecreationC
 Concessionaire Request Form - SpanishRecreationC
 Connection to Water and/or Sewer Service Outside City LimitsPublic WorksC
 Construction Parking PermitsUrban DevelopmentC
 Consumer Confidence Report-English - WaterPublic WorksC
 Consumer Confidence Report-Spanish - WaterPublic WorksC
 Contest/Pay Parking TicketUrban DevelopmentC
 Contracts & ProcurementAdministrative ServicesC
 Convention CenterUrban DevelopmentC
 Cooperative PurchasesAdministrative ServicesC
 Corporate Center at Mill CreekUrban DevelopmentC
 Council GoalsCity Managers OfficeC
 Council RulesLegalC
 CourtAdministrative ServicesC
 Crime PreventionPoliceC informationPoliceC
 Cross-connection ControlPublic WorksC
 Cultural and Tourism Promotion Advisory CommitteeCity Managers OfficeC
 Current Planning ProgramCommunity DevelopmentC
 Customer Services - Water and UtilitiesPublic WorksC
 DARE ProgramPoliceD
 Dental Office SurveyPublic WorksD
 Design Standards - Public WorksPublic WorksD
 Detention Basin ProgramPublic WorksD
 Development - Urban Development DepartmentUrban DevelopmentD
 Development BulletinsPublic WorksD
 Development Fee ResolutionPublic WorksD
 Development ServicesPublic WorksD
 Directions to City of Salem ParkadesUrban DevelopmentD
 Disaster PreparednessFireD
 Disaster Supply KitFireD
 Discovery Room at Salem Public LibraryLibraryD
 Discrimination Complaint FormCity Managers OfficeD
 Ditch Mowing and MaintenancePublic WorksD
 Diversity Plan - Public WorksPublic WorksD
 Do I Need a PermitPublic WorksD
 Dogs in parksParksD
 Domestic Violence - Safety PlanPoliceD
 Domestic Violence PreventionPoliceD
 Domestic Violence Response TeamPoliceD
 Domestic Water ProjectPublic WorksD
 Downtown - Multi-Unit Housing Tax IncentiveUrban DevelopmentD
 Downtown - Parking Information and updatesUrban DevelopmentD
 Downtown - Parking MapUrban DevelopmentD
 Downtown - Riverfront Downtown Urban Renewal AreaUrban DevelopmentD
 Downtown - SafetyUrban DevelopmentD
 Downtown - ToolboxUrban DevelopmentD
 Downtown Advisory BoardCity Managers OfficeD
 Downtown Strategic Action PlanUrban DevelopmentD
 Drinking WaterPublic WorksD
 Drug Activity Report FormPoliceD
 Earned Income Tax Credit (pdf)Urban DevelopmentE
 Economic DevelopmentUrban DevelopmentE
 El Credito par Ingreso del Trabajo (pdf)Urban DevelopmentE
 Electrical Vehicle Charging StationsPublic WorksE
 Electronic Commerce Zone - Financial development incentiveUrban DevelopmentE
 Electronic PaymentsAdministrative ServicesE
 Emergency ManagementFireE
 Emergency Medical Services DivisionFireE
 Emergency Operations DivisionFireE
 Employee ParkingUrban DevelopmentE
 Employment ApplicationHuman ResourcesE
 Employment Benefits InformationHuman ResourcesE
 Employment Class SpecificationsHuman ResourcesE
 Employment Labor ContractsHuman ResourcesE
 Endangered Species ActPublic WorksE
 Engineering Division - Public Works DepartmentPublic WorksE
 Enterprise Zone - Financial incentive for qualified businesses in SalemUrban DevelopmentE
 Environment - Pretreatment ProgramPublic WorksE
 Environment - Salmon And Endangered Species ActPublic WorksE
 Environmental ServicesPublic WorksE
 EPA Grant - Site Re-use and Revitalization ProgramUrban DevelopmentE
 e-Payments - Water and SewerPublic WorksE
 Equipment request formRecreationE
 Erosion and Sediment Control Manual - DEQPublic WorksE
 Erosion Control - Environmental ServicesPublic WorksE
 Erosion Control Permit InfoPublic WorksE
 Erosion Control SummitPublic WorksE
 Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control HandbookPublic WorksE
 ESAPublic WorksE
 Ethics Opinion RequestHuman ResourcesE
 Event planning - community eventsRecreationE
 Fairview - Urban Renewal AreaUrban DevelopmentF
 Fairview Loan ProgramUrban DevelopmentF
 Falck AmbulanceFireF
 Fall Leaf HaulPublic WorksF
 Fat Free SewersPublic WorksF
 Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) ProgramPublic WorksF
 Federal Programs - CDBG and HOMEUrban DevelopmentF
 Fence Regulation QuestionsCommunity DevelopmentF
 Finance DivisionAdministrative ServicesF
 Financial ResourcesUrban DevelopmentF
 Find your neighborhood associationCommunity DevelopmentF
 Fire - Smoke DetectorFireF
 Fire - Suburban Rural Fire Protection DistrictFireF
 Fire and Life Safety DivisionFireF
 Fire ExtinguisherFireF
 Fire PreventionFireF
 Fire Safety Info in SpanishFireF
 Fire StationsFireF
 Firefighter Career RequirementsFireF
 Fireplace SafetyFireF
 Fireworks SafetyFireF
 Flood Safety TipsPublic WorksF
 Floodplain Contacts and LinksPublic WorksF
 Floodplain InformationPublic WorksF
 Floodplain OrdinancePublic WorksF
 Flu - PandemicFireF
 Food Service Facility Trash Area StandardsPublic WorksF
 Forms - Community Event RequestRecreationF
 Forms - Concession PermitRecreationF
 Forms - Deed-EasementPublic WorksF
 Forms - Equipment Use RequestRecreationF
 Forms - Facility Use PermitRecreationF
 Forms - Federal ProgramsUrban DevelopmentF
 Forms - National Night Out Street ClosureRecreationF
 Forms - Noise Variance RequestRecreationF
 Forms - Noise Variance Request - SpanishRecreationF
 Forms - Parade RequestRecreationF
 Forms - Permit ApplicationsPublic WorksF
 Forms - Pretreatment ProgramPublic WorksF
 Forms - Public Records RequestLegalF
 Forms - Report a Parking ViolationUrban DevelopmentF
 Forms - Riverfront Park Use RequestRecreationF
 Forms - Street Closure Request for Community EventRecreationF
 Forms Library (Fire Department)FireF
 Franchise Utility PermittingPublic WorksF
 Fraud TipsPoliceF
 Free Tree ProgramPublic WorksF
 Freeze The Grease KitPublic WorksF
 Frequently Asked QuestionsFireF
 Frequently Asked QuestionsPoliceF
 Front Street Improvements - Downtown SalemUrban DevelopmentF
 Gateway Study - West Salem Gateway StudyUrban DevelopmentG
 Geographic Information SystemsInformation TechnologyG
 GIS Metadata - UtilitiesPublic WorksG
 Glen Creek TrailUrban DevelopmentG
 Glossary - Fire Service TermsFireG
 Graffiti AbatementPoliceG
 Grant Application - Pretreatment ProgramPublic WorksG
 Grants - DowntownUrban DevelopmentG
 Grants - North GatewayUrban DevelopmentG
 Grants - West SalemUrban DevelopmentG
 Grass and Weeds enforcementCommunity DevelopmentG
 Grease Pretreatment StandardsPublic WorksG
 Grease Pretreatment SurveyPublic WorksG
 GROW your business in SalemUrban DevelopmentG
 Hazardous Materials Response (HAZMAT)FireH
 Historic Landmarks and Design Review CommissionCity Managers OfficeH
 Historic Landmarks CommissionCommunity DevelopmentH
 Historic Photos of Salem OnlineLibraryH
 Historic PreservationCommunity DevelopmentH
 Hollywood Station RedevelopmentUrban DevelopmentH
 Housing Advisory CommitteeCity Managers OfficeH
 Housing AuthorityUrban DevelopmentH
 Housing Choice VouchersUrban DevelopmentH
 How to apply for a job with the City of Salem?Human ResourcesH
 Human Resources DepartmentHuman ResourcesH
 Human RightsCity Managers OfficeH
 ICE - In Case of EmergencyFireI
 Industrial Sewer Charges and FeesPublic WorksI
 Inspection Request - Public Works PermitPublic WorksI
 Investment Summary - Public WorksPublic WorksI
 Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention ProgramFireJ
 Kroger ParkPublic WorksK
 Land Use ApplicationCommunity DevelopmentL
 Land Use Application Search - Planning (SPLASH)PlanningL
 Land Use PlanningCommunity DevelopmentL
 Landlord Guide (Salem Housing Authority) Section 8Urban DevelopmentL
 Lane Closure Temporary Traffic Control TemplatesPublic WorksL
 Laundry Facility Pretreatment StandardsPublic WorksL
 Lawn Watering 1 Inch per WeekPublic WorksL
 Lead and Copper InformationPublic WorksL
 Leaf HaulPublic WorksL
 Leasehold Properties - City ManagedUrban DevelopmentL
 Legal Information Databases from Salem Public LibraryLibraryL
 License Search - Building & Safety (SPLASH)Building & SafetyL
 License Search - Public Works (SPLASH)Public WorksL
 List a rental for Salem Housing Authority - Section 8Urban DevelopmentL
 Loan Program - Building Rehabilitation/Restoration Program North Gateway URAUrban DevelopmentL
 Loan Program - Building Rehabilitation/Restoration Program Riverfront Downtown - Downtown ToolboxUrban DevelopmentL
 Loan Program - FairviewUrban DevelopmentL
 Local History Information from Salem Public LibraryLibraryL
 Local Wastewater Discharge LimitsPublic WorksL
 Map GalleryInformation TechnologyM
 Maps - Fire StationFireM
 Marion, Riverfront, and Wallace Marine Parks Safety Patrol and Enforcement of Park RegulationsUrban DevelopmentM
 Master Plans - Public Works EngineeringPublic WorksM
 Mayor's Home PageCity Managers OfficeM
 McGilchrist Urban Renewal AreaUrban DevelopmentM
 McNary Field, Salem AirportUrban DevelopmentM
 Medical Information Databases from Salem Public LibraryLibraryM
 Mid Willamette Valley High Water WatchPublic WorksM
 Mill Creek Corporate CenterUrban DevelopmentM
 Mill Race corridor repairs in the Pringle Creek URAUrban DevelopmentM
 Model Rocket RulesFireM
 Monitoring Manhole StandardsPublic WorksM
 Multi-Family InspectionsCommunity DevelopmentM
 Multi-Unit Tax Incentive ProgramUrban DevelopmentM
 Municipal CourtAdministrative ServicesM
 Native PlantsPublic WorksN
 Natural Reclamation SystemPublic WorksN
 Neighborhood Associations (Map)Community DevelopmentM
 Neighborhood Center Mixed-Use (NCMU) Zone - DRAFTCommunity DevelopmentN
 Neighborhood Partnership ProgramCommunity DevelopmentN
 Neighborhood Streets Rehabilitation Program -Snow and Ice Response ProgramPublic WorksN
 Neighborhood Traffic Management ProgramPublic WorksN
 Neighborhood WatchPoliceN
 Network Newsletters - SHAUrban DevelopmentN
 New to Salem?City Managers OfficeN
 Newsletter - Salem Community ConnectionsCommunity DevelopmentN
 Newsletters, Urban Development press releases and links of interestUrban DevelopmentN
 Newspaper Archives from Salem Public LibraryLibraryN
 Noise Abatement - AirportUrban DevelopmentN
 Noise Complaint - AirportUrban DevelopmentN
 Noise Variance Permit FormRecreationN
 Noise Variance Permit Form - SpanishRecreationN
 North Downtown - Site A, Market & BroadwayUrban DevelopmentN
 North Downtown - Site B, YWCA Mixed-Use ProjectUrban DevelopmentN
 North Downtown - Site C, Broadway & GainesUrban DevelopmentN
 North Gateway - Action PlanUrban DevelopmentA
 North Gateway Redevelopment Advisory BoardCity Managers OfficeN
 North Gateway Redevelopment Advisory Board - Agenda and MinutesUrban DevelopmentN
 North Gateway URA - ToolboxUrban DevelopmentN
 North Gateway Urban Renewal AreaUrban DevelopmentN
 One- and Two-family Dwelling ConstructionPublic WorksO
 One Community InitiativeCity Managers OfficeO
 Online Catalog - Salem Public LibraryLibraryO
 On-line Incident/Claim Form - Risk ManagementHuman ResourcesO
 Online Payments - Permit/License/ApplicationPermitsO
 Operation BookshelfLibraryO
 Operation IdentificationPoliceO
 Operations Division - Public Works DepartmentPublic WorksO
 Oregon Dental Association BMPsPublic WorksO
 Organizational Chart - Public Works AdministrationPublic WorksO
 Organizational Chart - Public Works DepartmentPublic WorksO
 Organizational Chart - Public Works Engineering DivisionPublic WorksO
 Organizational Chart - Public Works Operations DivisionPublic WorksO
 Organizational Chart - Public Works Transportation Services DivisionPublic WorksO
 Outdoor Burning RegulationsFireO
 Parade Request FormRecreationP
 Park ReservationsParksP
 Parkades City of SalemUrban DevelopmentP
 Parking ADA ProgramUrban DevelopmentP
 Parking Capitol MallUrban DevelopmentP
 Parking DistrictUrban DevelopmentP
 Parking Permit Search (SPLASH)PermitsP
 Parking PermitsUrban DevelopmentP
 Parking Polocies & GuidelinesUrban DevelopmentP
 Parking ServicesUrban DevelopmentP
 Parking Services FeedbackUrban DevelopmentP
 Parking Tax BookletUrban DevelopmentP
 Parking TicketMunicipal CourtP
 Parks and Recreation Advisory BoardParksP
 Paving SchedulesPublic WorksP
 Payments - Permit/License/Application (SPLASH)PermitsP
 Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Improvement Needs (Request for)Public WorksP
 PEFTF - Peak Excess Flow Treatment FacilityPublic WorksP
 Periodic ReviewCommunity DevelopmentP
 Permit Application Forms (Building & Safety)Community DevelopmentP
 Permit Application Forms (Public Works)Public WorksP
 Permit Charges and Service Fees (Fee Resolution)Public WorksP
 Permit Search - Building & Safety (SPLASH)Building & SafetyP
 Permit Search - Parking Services (SPLASH)PermitsP
 Permit Search - Public Works (SPLASH)Public WorksP
 Permits - Public WorksPublic WorksP
 Personnel Information (Human Resources)Human ResourcesP
 pH Policy ChartPublic WorksP
 Planholder's ListAdministrative ServicesP
 Planning - Land Use Application Search (SPLASH)PlanningP
 Planning CommissionCommunity DevelopmentP
 Planning Fees (Land Use)Community DevelopmentP
 Plant ListPublic WorksP
 Plants - Native PlantsPublic WorksP
 Plat Review ServicePublic WorksP
 Plat StatusPublic WorksP
 Police Review BoardCity Managers OfficeP
 Press ReleasesCity Managers OfficeP
 Press Releases - PolicePoliceP
 Press Releases - Urban Development DepartmentUrban DevelopmentP
 Pretreatment ProgramPublic WorksP
 Prevention - FireFireP
 Pringle Creek Urban Renewal AreaUrban DevelopmentP
 Pringle Creek Watershed Management PlanPublic WorksP
 Pringle Creek/Millrace Corridor RepairsUrban DevelopmentP
 Projects of the Urban Development DepartmentUrban DevelopmentP
 Properties for SaleUrban DevelopmentP
 Public Art CommissionCity Managers OfficeP
 Public Contracting RulesAdministrative ServicesP
 Public Hearing NoticesCommunity DevelopmentP
 Public Library Advisory BoardCity Managers OfficeP
 Public Records RequestsLegalP
 Public Works - License Search (SPLASH)Public WorksP
 Public Works - Permit Search (SPLASH)Public WorksP
 Public Works DepartmentPublic WorksP
 Railroad Bridge - Union Street Railroad Bridge Conversion ProjectUrban DevelopmentR
 Railroad Crossing Safety Improvement ProjectsPublic WorksR
 RCRA NotificationPublic WorksR
 Real Estate - City Managed Leasehold PropertiesUrban DevelopmentR
 Real Property Services Division, Urban Development DepartmentUrban DevelopmentR
 Recent AchievementsPublic WorksR
 Records RequestsLegalR
 Register for Recreation ProgramsRecreationR
 Remaining Corner Monumentation Affidavit FormPublic WorksR
 Renew Permits - SPLASHPermitsR
 Renewable Energy and Technology Center - in SalemUrban DevelopmentR
 Renewal Areas - Urban Renewal Areas At-a-GlanceUrban DevelopmentR
 Rent a park or other facilityRecreationR
 Rental ListingUrban DevelopmentR
 Report a parking violation onlineUrban DevelopmentR
 Report-A-PotholePublic WorksR
 Request ADA AccommodationHuman ResourcesR
 Request for Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Improvement NeedsPublic WorksR
 Request for Use of City Equipment - National Night OutRecreationR
 Research Databases at Salem Public LibraryLibraryR
 Residential Grease Management KitPublic WorksR
 Residential Grease Management PlanPublic WorksR
 Residential Parking PermitsUrban DevelopmentR
 ResidentsCity Managers OfficeR
 Revitalization Division & Urban RenewalUrban DevelopmentR
 Revitalization ProjectsUrban DevelopmentR
 Revitalization Study - West Salem GatewayUrban DevelopmentR
 Ride Along ProgramFireR
 Riverfront Downtown ToolboxUrban DevelopmentR
 Riverfront Downtown Urban Renewal AreaUrban DevelopmentR
 Riverfront Park - Riverfront Downtown Urban Renewal AreaUrban DevelopmentR
 Riverfront Park Use Request FormRecreationR
 Riverfront, Marion and Wallace Marine Parks Safety Patrol and Enforcement of Park RegulationsUrban DevelopmentR
 Road ClosuresPublic WorksR
 Road ConditionsPublic WorksR
 Run/Walk GuidelinesRecreationR
 Safety - BicycleFireSa-Sm
 Safety - FireworksFireSa-Sm
 Safety - Hot WeatherFireSa-Sm
 Safety Guide - BicyclePublic WorksSa-Sm
 Safety Tips - Fire DepartmentFireSa-Sm
 Salem Community Alert SystemCity Managers OfficeSa-Sm
 Salem Community ConnectionsCommunity DevelopmentSa-Sm
 Salem Convention CenterUrban DevelopmentSa-Sm
 Salem is Right for BusinessCity Managers OfficeSa-Sm
 Salem is Right for BusinessUrban DevelopmentSa-Sm
 Salem Plant ListPublic WorksSa-Sm
 Salem Renewable Energy and Technology CenterUrban DevelopmentSa-Sm
 Salem Revised Code - SRCLegalSa-Sm
 Salem SustainabilityPublic WorksSa-Sm
 Salem Transportation System PlanPublic WorksSa-Sm
 Salem Water PlansPublic WorksW
 Salem, Oregon, Airport - SLEUrban DevelopmentSa-Sm
 Save Money on Your Water-Sewer BillPublic WorksW
 Schedule Permit Inspections - SPLASHPermitsSa-Sm
 SCI - Sustainable Cities InitiativeUrban DevelopmentSa-Sm
 Search - SPLASHPermitsSn-Sz
 Section 8 Voucher Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (Salem Housing Authority)Urban DevelopmentSa-Sm
 Security Survey/Crime Prevention InformationPoliceSa-Sm
 SEDCOR - Strategic Economic Development CorporationUrban DevelopmentSn-Sz
 Senior Center Advisory CommissionCity Managers OfficeA
 Senior Center at Hollywood StationUrban DevelopmentSa-Sm
 Service FeesPublic WorksSa-Sm
 Sewer - Design StandardsPublic WorksSa-Sm
 Sewer - Sanitary Sewer Design StandardsPublic WorksSa-Sm
 Sewer - Sewage Spill Cleanup BrochurePublic WorksSa-Sm
 Sewer - Sewer Tap - Site Not ReadyPublic WorksSa-Sm
 Short-Term Concessionaire PermitRecreationSa-Sm
 Sidewalk Cafe InformationPublic WorksSa-Sm
 Sidewalk Closure Permit - Central Business DistrictPublic WorksSa-Sm
 Sidewalk Repair ProgramPublic WorksSa-Sm
 Sign Permit Application - GeneralCommunity DevelopmentSa-Sm
 Sign ProgramCommunity DevelopmentSa-Sm
 Site Plan ReviewCommunity DevelopmentSa-Sm
 Site Re-use and Revitalization Program - EPA GrantUrban DevelopmentSa-Sm
 SkateboardingPublic WorksSa-Sm
 Snow and Ice Response ProgramPublic WorksSn-Sz
 Social Services Advisory BoardUrban DevelopmentSn-Sz
 SoftballPublic WorksSn-Sz
 Sole Source ListAdministrative ServicesSn-Sz
 Source Water ProtectionPublic WorksW
 South Waterfront Urban Renewal AreaUrban DevelopmentSn-Sz
 Spanish Fire Safety InfoFireSn-Sz
 Spanish Noise Variance PermitRecreationSn-Sz
 Special ProcurementsAdministrative ServicesSn-Sz
 SPLASH - Land Use Application SearchPermitsSn-Sz
 SPLASH - License SearchPermitsSn-Sz
 SPLASH - Online PaymentsPermitsSn-Sz
 SPLASH - Permit SearchPermitsSn-Sz
 SPLASH - Renew PermitsPermitsSn-Sz
 SPLASH - Salem Permit, License, & Application Service HomePermitsSn-Sz
 SPLASH - Schedule Permit InspectionsPermitsSn-Sz
 SPLASH - Search AllPermitsSn-Sz
 SPLASH - TransactionsPermitsSn-Sz
 SRC - Salem Revised CodeLegalSn-Sz
 Standard Construction SpecificationsPublic WorksSn-Sz
 Standard PlansPublic WorksSn-Sz
 Stormwater MonitoringPublic WorksSn-Sz
 Stormwater Projects - Public Works EngineeringPublic WorksSn-Sz
 Stormwater Sanitary Sewer Diversion ValvePublic WorksSn-Sz
 Stormwater ServicesPublic WorksSn-Sz
 Stormwater UtilityPublic WorksSn-Sz
 Stream - Stream and Rainfall Monitoring (High Water Watch)Public WorksSn-Sz
 Stream - Stream Cleaning ProgramPublic WorksSn-Sz
 Stream Cleaning ProgramPublic WorksSn-Sz
 Street - Bike Lanes - SharrowPublic WorksSn-Sz
 Street - Easement Opening Blanket BondPublic WorksSn-Sz
 Street - Street and Bridge NeedsPublic WorksSn-Sz
 Street - Street Closure (Work in Right-of-Way Permit) and Traffic InformationPublic WorksSn-Sz
 Street - Street Closure Permit - Community EventRecreationSn-Sz
 Street - Street Closure Permit (Work in Right-of-Way Permit) - Construction ApplicationPublic WorksSn-Sz
 Street - Street Closure Permit (Work in Right-of-Way Permit) - Construction InformationPublic WorksSn-Sz
 Street - Street Design StandardsPublic WorksSn-Sz
 Street - Street Directional Sign ApplicationPublic WorksSn-Sz
 Street - Street Maintenance SectionPublic WorksSn-Sz
 Street - Street Sign Application - SubdivisionPublic WorksSn-Sz
 Street - Street Tree InformationParksSn-Sz
 Streetlight FeePublic WorksSn-Sz
 Subdivsion ConstructionPublic WorksSn-Sz
 Supply Kit for DisastersFireSn-Sz
 Survey BenchmarksPublic WorksSn-Sz
 SustainabilityPublic WorksSn-Sz
 Sustainable Cities Initiative (SCI)Urban DevelopmentSn-Sz
 Tax - ParkingUrban DevelopmentT
 Tax Incentive - Multi-Unit Housing Tax IncentiveUrban DevelopmentT
 Teen Events at Salem Public LibraryLibraryT
 Temporary Traffic Control TemplatesPublic WorksT
 Thank YouPoliceT
 Title VI Complaint FormCity Managers OfficeT
 TLC ProgramPoliceT
 Toolbox - Building Rehabilitation/Restoration Program in the North Gateway URAUrban DevelopmentT
 Toolbox - Building Rehabilitation/Restoration Program in the Riverfront Downtown URAUrban DevelopmentT
 Toxic Organic Management PlanPublic WorksT
 Toxic Use and Hazardous Waste ReductionPublic WorksT
 Traffic Control UnitPoliceT
 Traffic CountsPublic WorksT
 Traffic Engineering SectionPublic WorksT
 Trail DistancesParksT
 Training DivisionFireT
 Training for Law EnforcementPoliceT
 Transportation Projects - Public Works EngineeringPublic WorksT
 Transportation StatisticsPublic WorksT
 Transportation System PlanPublic WorksT
 Transportation Systems Development Charge UpdatePublic WorksT
 Trash Area Pretreatment ConcernsPublic WorksT
 Treatment ImprovementsPublic WorksT
 Tree and Vegetation Technical ManualPublic WorksT
 Tree InformationParksT
 Trip Generation Estimate and InformationPublic WorksT
 TTO Certification StatementPublic WorksT
 TV Reinspection ServicePublic WorksT
 Unified Development Code ProjectCommunity DevelopmentU
 Union Street Railroad Bridge ConversionUrban DevelopmentU
 URA RulesLegalU
 Urban DevelopmentUrban DevelopmentU
 Urban Development - Advisory Boards & CommitteesUrban DevelopmentU
 Urban Development - Contact InformationUrban DevelopmentU
 Urban Development - Departments ProjectsUrban DevelopmentU
 Urban Development - DirectorUrban DevelopmentU
 Urban Development - Federal ProgramsUrban DevelopmentU
 Urban Development - Financial Resources and Development IncentivesUrban DevelopmentU
 Urban Development - Newsletters, Press Releases and Links of InterestUrban DevelopmentU
 Urban Development - Real Estate ServicesUrban DevelopmentU
 Urban Development - Revitalization & Urban RenewalUrban DevelopmentU
 Urban ForestryParksU
 Urban Land Institute Study - Boise ReportUrban DevelopmentU
 Urban Renewal AgencyUrban DevelopmentU
 Urban Renewal Agency RulesLegalA
 Urban Renewal Area - Fairview URAUrban DevelopmentU
 Urban Renewal Area - McGilchrist URAUrban DevelopmentU
 Urban Renewal Area - Mill Creek URAUrban DevelopmentU
 Urban Renewal Area - North Gateway URAUrban DevelopmentU
 Urban Renewal Area - Pringle Creek URA - ClosedUrban DevelopmentU
 Urban Renewal Area - Riverfront Downtown URAUrban DevelopmentU
 Urban Renewal Area - South Waterfront URAUrban DevelopmentU
 Urban Renewal Area - West Salem URAUrban DevelopmentU
 Urban Renewal Areas At-a-GlanceUrban DevelopmentU
 Utility - Assistance ProgramsPublic WorksU
 Utility Bill EstimatorPublic WorksU
 Utility Billing - Customer ServicesPublic WorksU
 Utility Map User Setup Application FormPublic WorksU
 Utility Maps - Public WorksPublic WorksU
 Utility PaymentsAdministrative ServicesU
 Utility PlanningPublic WorksU
 Utility RatesPublic WorksU
 Vacation of Public Right-of-way (Private Petition for)Public WorksV
 Vegetation Technical Manual (Tree and)Public WorksV
 Vertical DatumPublic WorksV
 Veterans' Preference Points Information for EmploymentHuman ResourcesV
 Violation - Reporting Parking Violations OnlineUrban DevelopmentV
 Volunteer opportunities, citywide listRecreationV
 Volunteer Program - PolicePoliceV
 Voucher program (Salem Housing Authority)Urban DevelopmentV
 Walk/Run GuidelinesRecreationW
 Wastewater Collection System Improvements - Public Works EngineeringPublic WorksW
 Wastewater Discharge - Pretreatment StandardsPublic WorksW
 Wastewater Discharge LimitsPublic WorksW
 Wastewater Discharge Permit ApplicationPublic WorksW
 Wastewater Discharge Permit Renewal ApplicationPublic WorksW
 Wastewater Management Master PlanPublic WorksW
 Wastewater Management Master Plan Amendment-January 2007Public WorksW
 Wastewater Pretreatment ProgramPublic WorksW
 Wastewater Projects - Public Works EngineeringPublic WorksW
 Wastewater StatisticsPublic WorksW
 Wastewater Treatment Division - Public Works DepartmentPublic WorksW
 Water - Drinking Water SourcePublic WorksW
 Water - Planning for FuturePublic WorksW
 Water - Plant ListPublic WorksW
 Water - SDC Methodology ReportPublic WorksW
 Water Audit Fill-in FormPublic WorksW
 Water Bill - Pay AutomaticallyPublic WorksW
 Water ConservationPublic WorksW
 Water Distribution System Design StandardsPublic WorksW
 Water Leak DetectionPublic WorksW
 Water Management and Conservation Plan Final ReportPublic WorksW
 Water QualityPublic WorksW
 Water RatesPublic WorksW
 Water Service - Turn On or Turn OffPublic WorksW
 Water System Master Plan (2004)Public WorksW
 Water System Master Plan (2007 Revision)Public WorksW
 Water Treatment - Cross-connection FAQ'sPublic WorksW
 Water Treatment - Lead and Copper RulePublic WorksW
 Water Treatment - Slow Sand FiltrationPublic WorksW
 Water Treatment - Water ConservationPublic WorksW
 Water Treatment - Watershed InformationPublic WorksW
 Water Treatment at Geren IslandPublic WorksW
 Water-Sewer Connections Outside CityPublic WorksW
 Watershed (Salem's Drinking Water)Public WorksW
 Watershed Education ProgramPublic WorksW
 Watershed InformationPublic WorksW
 Watershed Protection and Preservation GrantPublic WorksW
 Water-wise PlantsPublic WorksW
 West Salem Business District Action PlanUrban DevelopmentW
 West Salem Gateway Revitalization StudyUrban DevelopmentW
 West Salem GrantUrban DevelopmentW
 West Salem Neighborhood AssociationCommunity DevelopmentW
 West Salem Neighborhood Plan (WSNP)Community DevelopmentW
 West Salem Redevelopment Advisory Board - Agenda and MinutesUrban DevelopmentW
 West Salem Urban Renewal AreaUrban DevelopmentW
 What is Natural ReclamationPublic WorksW
 Willow Lake and NRS Work TogetherPublic WorksW
 Wood Stove SafetyFireW
 Work in Right-of-Way Permit - Street ClosuresPublic WorksW
 WVCC - 911PoliceW
 Youth DevelopmentCommunity DevelopmentY
 Youth Environmental Education Program (YEEP)Public WorksY
 Zoning CodeCommunity DevelopmentZ
 Zoning MapsCommunity DevelopmentZ
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