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Commercial-Vista before pictureCommercial-Vista before pictureCommercial-Vista before pictureCommercial-Vista before picture

Commercial-Vista Corridor Project

Connecting People and Places

About this Project

The City of Salem has received a grant through the State of Oregon Transportation and Growth Management Program to develop a refinement plan for the Commercial-Vista Corridor. The focus of this project is to improve the visual character and functionality of the circulation system within the project area and to strengthen the district’s identity, character, economic vitality, and marketability.

Desired Outcomes

The goal is to identify specific project to manage traffic, enhance connectivity, and provide a welcoming environment for walkers, bicyclists, transit riders, and motorists. The general approach will be to identify short-term projects for immediate implementation as well as incremental improvements that can be constructed as funding becomes available or in conjuction with private investment actions.

Community Involvement

The project is being developed in partnership with local businesses, neighborhoods, and the public.

2017 Update

Recommendations from the Commercial-Vista Corridor Plan are documented in the Recommendations Booklet. These recommendations were developed based on the Tier 2 Screening and input from the public at the September 2015 open house, and will be presented to area neighborhood associations and City Council in spring 2017.

Take the Survey

Please take a moment to review the designs and then tell us what you think. The online survey will be available until Sunday, October 18, 2015.



Commercial-Vista Plan Recommendations.pdfCommercial-Vista Plan Recommendations2/2/2017
commercial-vista-open-house-presentation-2015-09-22.pdfCommercial-Vista Public Presentation #39/22/2015
These materials were available at the September 22, 2015, open house.
commercial-vista-screening-assessment-memo-2015-07-13.pdfCommercial-Vista Tier 2 Screening Assessment Memo7/13/2015
This is the analysis of the alternatives completed since the April 2015 open house.
commercial-vista-screening-assessment-appendix-2015-07-13.pdfCommercial-Vista Tier 2 Screening Assessment Memo Appendix7/13/2015
2nd-round-of-public-events-summary-combined-2015-07-09.pdfSummary of Feedback Received on the Conceptual Land Use and Street Design Options7/9/2015
commercial-vista-design-land-use-alternatives-memo-2015-06-08.pdfCommercial-Vista Facilities Design and Land Use Alternatives Memo6/8/2015
The recommendations in this report were discussed at the September 22, 2015, open house.
commercial-vista-economic-analysis.pdfCommercial-Vista Economic Analysis6/1/2015
commercial-vista-plan-diagram.pdfCommerical-Vista Corridor Project Schedule Diagram6/1/2015
commercial-vista-open-house-presentation-2015-04-23.pdfCommercial-Vista Public Presentation #24/23/2015
commercial-vista-stakeholder-notes-2015-04-15.pdfCommercial-Vista Stakeholder Advisory Committee Meeting #2 Notes4/15/2015
commercial-vista-stakeholder-presentation-2015-04-15.pdfCommercial-Vista Stakeholder Advisory Committee Meeting #2 Presentation4/15/2015
commercial-vista-open-house-2015-04-23.pdfCommercial-Vista Open House Invitation4/14/2015
commercial-vista-stakeholder-agenda-2015-04-15.pdfCommercial-Vista Stakeholder Meeting Agenda4/14/2015
commercial-vista-draft-design-booklet-2015-04-01.pdfCommercial-Vista Draft Design and Land Use Options Booklet4/1/2015
commerical-vista-design-options-memo.pdfCommerical-Vista Revised Street Design and Land Use Alternatives3/31/2015
commercial-vista-survey-results-2015-03-10.pdfCommercial-Vista Survey Responses3/10/2015
commercial-vista-open-house-presentation-2015-01-15.pdfCommercial-Vista Public Presentation #11/15/2015
commercial-vista-workshop-agenda-2015-01-15.pdfCommercial-Vista Public Workshop #1 Agenda1/15/2015
commercial-vista-evaluation-criteria.pdfCommercial-Vista Draft Evaluation Criteria1/12/2015
commercial-vista-stakeholder-agenda-2014-12-11.pdfCommercial-Vista Stakeholder Advisory Committe Meeting #1 Agenda12/11/2014
commercial-vista-stakeholder-notes-2014-12-11.pdfCommercial-Vista Stakeholder Advisory Committee Meeting #1 Notes12/11/2014
commercial-vista-stakeholder-presentation-2014-12-11.pdfCommercial-Vista Stakeholder Advisory Committee Meeting #1 Presentation12/11/2014
commercial-vista-transportation-conditions-draft.pdfCommercial-Vista Transportation Conditions Booklet (Draft)12/11/2014
commercial-vista-urban-design-booklet-draft.pdfCommercial-Vista Urban Design, Streetscape and Land Use Booklet (Draft)12/11/2014
commerical-vista-ops-safety-analysis-memo.pdfCommercial-Vista Transporation Operations and Safety Analysis (Memo)12/10/2014
commerical-vista-ops-safety-analysis-appendix.pdfCommercial-Vista Transportation Operations and Safety Analysis (Appendix)12/10/2014
commercial-vista-plan-overview-memo.pdfCommercial-Vista Previous Planning Efforts (Memo)11/21/2014
commercial-vista-project-map.pdfCommercial-Vista Project Area Map11/21/2014
commercial-vista-public-outreach.pdfCommercial-Vista Public Outreach Strategy10/15/2014


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Expand/Collapse Meeting : Stakeholder Advisory Committee Meeting #1 ‎(3)
Expand/Collapse Meeting : Open House #3 ‎(3)
Expand/Collapse Meeting : Open House #2 ‎(2)
Expand/Collapse Meeting : Open House #1 ‎(2)

 Project Schedule

Overview of the Project Schedule

November 2014—January 2015

Identify project area issues and opportunities.

February—March 2015

Develop conceptual street improvement options.

April—July 2015

Refine and screen alternatives.

August—November 2015

Present results of Tier 2 screening.


Document recommendations and planning process.


Present recommendations for approval to City Council.

 Project Background

Project Background

In 2013 the City of Salem applied for and received grant funds from the Oregon Department of Transportation and Department of Land Conservation and Development, Transportation and Growth Management Program, to develop a refinement plan for the Commercial-Vista Corridor.

The commercial district, which is the focus of this project, is a distinct area of the city where auto-oriented commercial development evolved adjacent to unique residential neighborhoods. This commercial district provides a mix of neighborhodd services as well as businesses with a citywide appeal. Commercial Street SE and Liberty Road S are main transportation corridors connecting south Salem to downtown, and these streets carry more than 33,000 and 16,000 vehicles per day respectively. These two busy roadways converge in the project area, creating a complex street configuration which requires careful planning and design to accommodate all modes of travel.

The Problem

This commercial district developed at a time when little thought was given to non-auto travel. Much of the area consists of commercial properties with a mix of parcel sizes, numerous driveways, and few connections between the public realm and shop entrances. This lack of an inviting, attractive circulation system can be limiting. Although this area is experiencing a moderate resurgence of development activity, several parcels such as the old Safeway store remain vacant or underutilized. Specific issues have been identified by the public during recent planning efforts.

Specific Issues

  • There are limited safe east-west crossings for pedestrians across Commercial Street SE.
  • Residential areas are poorly linked to adjacent businesses.
  • Operational and safety issues exist.
  • Minimal bus stop improvements exist along the corridor.
  • Gaps have been identified in the sidewalk and bicycle networks.
  • The intersection of Liberty Road S / Commercial Street SE has been identified as a Tier 1 priority needing improvement in the recently adopted Bicycle Element of the Salem Transportation System Plan. This intersection has a complex configuration and will require a unique, innovative design solution.
  • The Bicycle Element of the Salem Transportation System Plan calls for "enhanced bike facilities" along both the Commercial Street and Liberty Road corridors. These enhanced facilities require ad additional level of analysis and design to move these projects forward.
Commercial-Vista Corridor project area map

Thank you for your feedback

The survey is now closed. Thank you for taking the time to tell us what you think.

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