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Expand/Collapse Section : (1) Introduction ‎(2)
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Policy Definition
Table of Contents
Expand/Collapse Section : (2) Government ‎(37)
Expand/Collapse Category : A: Council ‎(12)
A-1Goals and Objectives (1-31-2000)A1-2
A-2Position on Bond Measures (CCRLS GO Bond)A2-1
A-3Position on Initiative Petitions (OCA Petition - 2-22-93; Oregon Minimum Wage Act 4-1-96)A3-1
A-4Position on Transit District Tax Base Measure (4-8-96)A4-1
A-5Statement on Infringement of Personal Rights of FreedomA5-1
A-6Procedure for Reviewing Performance and Setting Salary of City ManagerA6-1
A-7Community ForumsA7-1
A-81997 Legislative PoliciesA8-1
A-9Role of City of Salem Relating to Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)A9-1
A-10City Council Briefing for CCTVA10-1
A-11City Council Staff Report OptionsA11-1
A-12Policy on News Media Attendance at Executive SessionsA12-1
Expand/Collapse Category : B: Administration ‎(5)
B-1Progressive Actions toward Obtainment of Compliance with City Licensing, Nuisance Abatement, Sign and Noise CodesBI-2
B-2Defense of City Officials in Proceedings not subject to the Oregon Tort Claims ActB2-1
B-3Settlement of Claims by the CityB3-1
B-4Comparable JurisdictionsB4-1
B-5Public Forum Policy for Civic Center Atrium and BreesewaysB5-1
Expand/Collapse Category : C: Finance ‎(14)
C-1Transient Occupancy Tax Funding PolicyC1-2
C-2Debt Management PolicyC-2
C-3Policies for Fee Waivers of Funding City Services to Community EventsC3-1
C-5Capitalization Level for Reporting General Fixed AssetsC5-1
C-6Reimbursable Expenses for Travel, Training, Professional Development, and other City businessC6-1
C-7Investment Policyand Portfolio GuidelinesC7-1
C-8Budget and Revenue PoliciesC8-1
C-9Capital Improvement Program PolicyC9-1
C-10Building and Safety Fund Balance-Reserve PolicyC10-1
C-11General Fund Balance-Reserve PolicyC11-1
C-12Fund Balance-Reserve Policy for the Emergency Services FundC12-1
C-13Identity Theft Prevention ProgramC13-1
C-14Water and Sewer Fund Financial PolicyC14-1
C-15Policy on Use of City Resources for Marijuana Based ActivitiesC15-1
Expand/Collapse Category : D: Boards and Commissions ‎(1)
No Boards and Commissions Policies To Date
Expand/Collapse Category : E: Neighborhood Associations ‎(2)
E-1Neighborhood CommumicationsE1-2
E-2Distribution of Information to Neighborhood AssociationsE2-1
Expand/Collapse Category : F: Other Public Entities ‎(1)
F-1Watershed CouncilsF1-2
Expand/Collapse Category : G: Legislature ‎(1)
G-1Testimony Before LegislatureG1-2
Expand/Collapse Category : H: Miscellaneous ‎(1)
No Miscellaneous Government Policies To Date
Expand/Collapse Section : (3) Quality of Life ‎(19)
Expand/Collapse Category : I: Public Safety ‎(5)
I-1Required Location for Fire HydrantsI1-2
I-2Burning Privately-Owned Buildings by Fire Department for Training PurposesI2-1
I-3Fire and Emergency Service Planning StandardsI3-1
I-4Establishing Council Curatorship for Antique Fire VehiclesI4-1
I-5Backyard Burning Program Review and Recommended ChangesI5-1
Expand/Collapse Category : J: Social Services ‎(1)
No Social Services Policies To Date
Expand/Collapse Category : K: Health and Safety ‎(1)
K-1Sequence of CondemnationK1-2
Expand/Collapse Category : L: Library ‎(2)
L-1Use of Branch Library Meeting RoomsL1-2
L-2Meeting Room Reservation Form1-4
Expand/Collapse Category : M: Parks ‎(8)
M-1Recreation Services Extended Beyond City LimitsM1-2
M-2Park Operating HoursM2-1
M-3Park Restroom PolicyM3-1
M-4Development and Operation of Concession in City ParksM4-1
M-5Park Facility Use Fee and Charge ScheduleM5-1
M-6City Recreation Program Fee and Charge PolicyM6-1
M-7Naming of ParksM7-1
M-8Funding of Citizen Self-Help ProjectsM8-1
Expand/Collapse Category : N: Parking ‎(1)
N-1Convention ParkingN1-2
Expand/Collapse Category : O: Miscellaneous ‎(1)
No Miscellaneous Qaulity of Life Policies To Date
Expand/Collapse Section : (4) Public Facilities ‎(23)
Expand/Collapse Category : C: Finance ‎(1)
C-4Selection of AuditorsC4-1
Expand/Collapse Category : P: Public Buildings ‎(1)
No Public Buildings Policies To Date
Expand/Collapse Category : Q: Sewers ‎(1)
No Sewers Policies To Date
Expand/Collapse Category : R: Storm Drainage ‎(1)
R-1Ditch CleaningR1-2
Expand/Collapse Category : S: Water ‎(4)
S-1Water Service in Jan ReeS1-2
S-2Water Conservation and RegionalizationS2-1
S-3Testimony on Proposed Rule Change North Santiam River WatershedS3-1
S-4Water System Development ChargeS4-1
Expand/Collapse Category : T: Streets ‎(7)
T-1Perpetual Life Service Level for Street MaintenanceT1-2
T-2Minimum Service Level Alternative for Street MaintenanceT2-1
T-3Traffic and Streets ManagementT3-1
T-4Funds Transfers for 1993-94 Pavement RestorationT4-1
T-5Street Construction Deferral AgreementsT5-1
T-6Basketball Hoops in the Right-of-wayT6-1
W-1Vacation ProcessW1-2
Expand/Collapse Category : U: Street Lights ‎(1)
No Street Lights Policies To Date
Expand/Collapse Category : V: Sidewalks ‎(1)
No Sidewalks Policies To Date
Expand/Collapse Category : X: Miscellaneous ‎(4)
X-1Management of Sewer and Water SDC Revenues and ExpendituresX1-2
X-2Public Works Permit FeesX2-1
X-3Transportation Systems Development Charge and street Construction Financing StrategyX3-1
X-4Connection to Water and-or Sewer Service Outside City LimitsX4-1
Expand/Collapse Category : Y: Land Use Matters ‎(2)
Y-1Certificate of Occupancy - Temporary vs. Final ApprovalY1-2
Y-2Billboards in Commercial ZonesY2-1
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