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Human Rights Ordinance

Working TogetherOne of the prime duties given to the HRRAC is that of taking action upon alleged violations of discrimination, as detailed in Chapter 97 of the City Code. The City of Salem's non-discrimination code prohibits discrimination in:

  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Public accommodation (e.g. businesses, movie theaters, motels, restaurants)

On June 10, 2002, City Code sections 97.005 to 97.900 were revised to include protections against discrimination within Salem based on the following:

  • Race
  • Color
  • Religion
  • National Origin
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Marital Status
  • Disability
  • Domestic Partnership (a relationship between two persons who meet either of the following requirements: (1) have registered, certified or affirmed their relationship with any appropriate, legally established domestic partnership registry within any jurisdiction in the U.S.; or with the State of Oregon's Public Employees Benefits Board; or (2) 18 years of age or older, are each unmarried; are each other's sole domestic partner and intend to remain so indefinitely; are not related by blood closer than would bar marriage in the State of Oregon; and are residing together, share the common necessities of life and are responsible for each other's common welfare).
  • Familial Status (whether a person has custody of children or is pregnant)
  • Sexual Orientation (actual or perceived heterosexuality, homosexuality, or bisexuality)
  • Gender Identity (actual or perceived sex, whether or not their identity, appearance, expression of behavior is different from that traditionally associated with the person's sex at birth)
  • Source of Income (a person's legal source of support or income, including cases where people are receiving government assistance)

What do you do if you are a victim of discrimination?

Contact the Salem Human Rights & Relations Advisory Commission (HRRAC) by calling
503-540-2371 or emailing the complaint form offered on-line. We can explain your options and set up an information interview. You may have several courses of action available, including:

  1. General Assistance. An HRRAC Commissioner or staff person can assist you in exploring your options and offer support as you pursue them.
  2. Mediation. Mediation is an opportunity to work out differences face to face. It can often be more helpful to work out problems with the people involved rather than start a long legal process. These discussions can take place either informally or with the assistance of trained mediators.
  3. Referral. Some problems can be resolved through other agencies. The HRRAC and staff has a number of contacts to help in facilitating a solution to your complaints, including:
  • State of Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI). BOLI can assist in resolving complaints that involve employment, housing or public accommodation.
  • Fair Housing Council of Oregon. These trained specialists investigate complaints involving housing.
  • The court system. In some cases you may have to decide to go to court with a civil complaint. To take this step, you need to hire a private attorney, thus exercising the private right of action provision of City code for all areas of protection.

Local Resources

Salem Human Rights and Relations Advisory Commission

555 Liberty St. SE

(Room 220) 

Salem, OR 97301


State of Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI)

165 East 7th Ave

Eugene, OR 97401


Fair Housing Council of Oregon (FHCO)

PH: 800-424-3247







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